Baby Shower Decorator

Baby Shower Decorator

Do you want to have Baby Shower Decorator? Want to welcome your new family member, a little one with lots of joy and love.Above all. you are welcoming your baby to this world. To a precious gift of the lord.

Throwing a decoration which is so magical as a fairy tale story. Therefore, create this fantasy story with us at Big Day Surprise. We have a unique Baby Shower Decorator. For instance, we have crafted with the most exquisite and premium quality balloons and other ornamentation. 

This decor will add a royal touch of decency to your baby shower celebration and will make it an unforgettable memory for all your guests and family members. Make this special time of your life, the more special with this fairy-tale magical decoration.

Description for Baby Shower Decorator

  • However, our decorations comprise of a backdrop of 2 silver frilly curtains, an arch made of 1 silver moon foil balloon, 2-star foil balloons, 50 pink chrome balloons, 50 blue metallic balloons, 4 big pastel balloons, 20 white latex balloons forming a gorgeous cloud with cute star hangings attached to it.
  • 1 hula hoop circle topped with a combination of 30 blue, pink, and white balloons, a shimmery baby shower bunting, 1 blue foil balloon in the shape of baby boy shoes, and 1 foil balloon in the form of a pink baby girl pram.
  • Our team of decorators will create this set up at your home or a location of your choice. And a transformation will take place before your eyes!

Customization Baby Shower Decorator

In addition, you can also opt for customization to add more elegance to your grand celebration. After that, the list is given below:

  • Adding sweets
  • Photo booth at a baby shower.
  • Chocolates and cakes.
  • 50-100 more balloons to make the set up more enriching.
  • Return gifts to your guests.
  • Add a special baby hot air balloon that is made of a bunch of premium chrome balloons and a visually appealing box. Make your gathering go awe with a never-seen-before accessory! 


  • Two silver frilly curtains for a backdrop
  • 50 pink chrome balloons
  • 50 blue metallic balloons
  • 1 hula hoop with 30 balloons in a combination of blue, pink and white colors.
  • Foil balloons – 1 baby boy shoes, 1 baby girl pram, 1 silver moon & 2 silver stars
  • 15 white latex balloons used to form a cloud with star hangings attached to it
  • 4 big pastel balloons
  • Golden Baby shower bunting
  • Decoration will be done by our team at your preferred location.
  • Photo booth at a baby shower.

Need to know

  • The tape will be used to attach balloons on the wall
  • Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking.
  • You will have to provide a stool or ladder to reach the ceiling
  • The surge will be applied for same-day bookings.
  • A photo booth will be provided by us.


Above all. we are here to satisfy our customers through specified customization chosen by them and through our services. Do visit our page at…

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