Home Decoration on Birthday

Home Decoration on Birthday

Having excitement on your partner’s birthday? Want to awestruck them? Gifting them a beautiful decoration at home decoration on birthday will amaze them.

Moreover, Birthday is the celebration of joy and happiness. As a result, people constantly pay a visit to the calendar to remember how many days are left for their birthday.

Your partner would be wondering what surprise you are planning for them. And so you want them to remember it forever. And make them feel special. Are you facing trouble in arranging one at Banglore? Don’t worry, we have covered you. Make your loved one feel like a prince/princess on their special day by getting your home decorated.

It would be fun to see your loved one pleasantly surprised and flattered. When they accidentally walk in and see a huge surprise on this special occasion. They’ll glow in wonder.

Description for Home Decoration on Birthday in Bangalore

How will my decoration look like? About 40-50 balloons will be hanging from the ceiling with nice ribbons and about 150 on the floor or in form of bunches! You can schedule a Big Day Surprise decoration artist to visit your house in the chosen (2 hours) slot. We have slots spread from morning to late evening – see what works best for your surprise. The decoration artist will discuss the exact decoration with you and tailor it to your taste and your room.

Similarly, the ceiling balloons are stuck with removable soft tape (tapes with less gum). We don’t use Helium balloons for safety reasons. And post your celebration, whenever you want to remove the balloons, just pull their ribbon – in general, the balloon will come off without leaving any mark on ceiling (we recommend removing balloon within next 24 hours), however, it is always better to be sure if your paint type is right for such decorations.

These decorations will create a festive ambiance, perfect for an unforgettable celebration. Similarly, you can opt for your convenient location. Say about your bedroom, drawing room, hall, etc.

In addition, you can go with some theme birthday decorations. Like, balloon surprise, dreamy birthday with lots of fairy lights, a colorful celebration, Glow in the dark by selecting neon balloons, Champagne party, umbrella decoration, balloon blast, etc.

Customisation for Home Decoration on Birthday

What’s more? You can have a bunch of customization. We’ve covered you at Banglore. Customize to enhance your birthday decor at home.

You can choose to have photo strings with a set of the photo, a bucket of blooming roses, a goodie crate containing one Nutella jar, a packet of strawberries, an artificial bouquet, 2 aromatic candles, a bottle of fiesta and 2 serving glasses! Just check out our customization below! You can also choose to add a happy birthday bunting, message helium balloons, a personalized banner, a 4 feet tall teddy bear, a delicious half kg eggless cake, and much more!

What’s Included?

  • 200 balloons (not helium) decoration with ribbons at your location.
  • Delivered to your home in Bangalore.
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ Foil balloons (silver/golden on the wall).
  • ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Champagne’ foil balloons (1 each).
  • 1 fairy light for Home Decoration on Birthday.
  • Set of silver and white balloons.

Need to know

  1. Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking.
  2. The tape will be used in the decoration to place balloons on the wall/ ceiling (we recommend you remove cello tapes immediately after the celebration to avoid chipping of paint).
  3. Please arrange a stool or a ladder in case balloons are to be placed on the ceiling.
  4. Please add ‘Themed bunting’ from add-ons as it is not part of the base package.
  5. Surge is applicable for same-day bookings.
  6. Helium balloons are not a part of a package. You can add them from add-ons.
  7. Add customizations for a more loaded birthday surprise!

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